Video: Finally Moving (cover)

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Video: Requiem for a Laugh Track

I thought it would be a good mix of funny and upsetting to add a laugh track to the movie Requiem for a Dream. Several panic attacks later, I settled on just adding it to this one scene. Enjoy:

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Show: Headlining Spring Valley Inn


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Soundcloud: Wild World feat. Big L

Sometimes, I get bored and make stupid music. In this instance, I wanted to mash-up the most peaceful music I could with the most violent music I could. Because I make stupid music when I’m bored.

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Episode 3: Ukrainian Catapults and “Guess the Corporate Slogan”

What’s up y’all? Thanks for checking out A Long Walk with Kevin Koleckar and Sam Weber, the only podcast ever to win the Oscar for Best Interracial Sex Scene. Guess what! We’ve now released two episodes in one month! We’re the best!

In this episode, we cover a whole lot of ground, from Sam’s ongoing love affair with Busy Philipps that Busy Philipps doesn’t know about to civil unrest in the Ukraine. It’s all funny. Hopefully. We also spent most of the episode playing Kevin’s corporate slogan guessing game. If you enjoyed this episode, remember to write to your congress person demanding that they force the Oscars to bring back the category “Best Interracial Sex Scene.”

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Gunaxin: NFL Fans are the Worst, Sometimes


The Seahawks-49ers game was a really bitter match-up of two rivals, and unsurprisingly, fans did offensive things during and after. Everyone seemed to be aligned with one team or the other and talking about how the opposing team was in the wrong and they were in the right, end of story. No one really seemed to acknowledge that everyone’s at fault. I wrote this piece and in it I tried to address that cognitive discrepancy. Read the full article here.

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Soundcloud: Isn’t She Lovely

Another year, another Weber family reunion at a cabin on the south shore of Lake Tahoe. This is a recording of about 6 different Webers performing my arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s classic, Isn’t She Lovely.

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Episode 2: Snapchats and Sexting!

Hey everybody! Welcome back to A Long Walk for the new year! Kevin and I got you a late Christmas present, please listen to the attached podcast for its full duration to ensure delivery. It’s been a while since you heard from us last in this medium, and we’re sorry, we’re just going through some thangs. We didn’t mean to hurt you, baby, honest and true. Anyways, my radio show got put on indefinite hiatus so you’ll be hearing more from us in the future.

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Episode 1: “What Has More Likes,” and Kevin’s Ketchup Joke

Welcome to the first episode of A Long Walk under its new format at its new home on Sam’s website. We’re doing exciting new things! It’s longer! Funnier! More cohesive! Less of a waste of time, but still a waste of time! This episode includes Sam and Kevin playing a game called “What Has More Likes on Facebook?”, Sam complains about a Hot Pocket advertisement, and Kevin makes a ketchup joke.

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Show: SF Punchline w/Avengers of Comedy

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