VIDEO: Farrakhan & Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan

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Episode 4: Fox News or The Onion, Chinese Food or Butts

Hey everybody, this here’s a shiny new episode of our fancy podcast. Me and Kevin and I worked real hard on it to build the hand-crafted humor that discerning comedic minds are looking for. Or, if that’s a meaningless sentence, Kev and I hope you enjoy it. It’s only 25 minutes, and it’s pretty fun. For more information on me and when my shows are or something, keep on wandering around this here website, For more info on Kevin, go to

Have a great day!

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Show: Hosting “Conversations with Beer” (Two Dates)


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Blog: My Worst Comedy Experience Ever

A couple weeks ago, I had a show in Nevada in the middle of nowhere. If that sentence seems redundant, that’s only because Nevada itself is the middle of nowhere. Nevada is the capitol of Nowhere, actually. Its primary exports are depression and coupons for a free meal at a casino buffet. As you can tell by how inappropriately dismissive I am of an entire state, this show did not go well. Read more »

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Video: The Best President in the Game

President Obama drops a beat and responds to tha haterz.

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Video: Finally Moving (cover)

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Video: Requiem for a Laugh Track

I thought it would be a good mix of funny and upsetting to add a laugh track to the movie Requiem for a Dream. Several panic attacks later, I settled on just adding it to this one scene. Enjoy:

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Show: Headlining Spring Valley Inn


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Soundcloud: Wild World feat. Big L

Sometimes, I get bored and make stupid music. In this instance, I wanted to mash-up the most peaceful music I could with the most violent music I could. Because I make stupid music when I’m bored.

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Episode 3: Ukrainian Catapults and “Guess the Corporate Slogan”

What’s up y’all? Thanks for checking out A Long Walk with Kevin Koleckar and Sam Weber, the only podcast ever to win the Oscar for Best Interracial Sex Scene. Guess what! We’ve now released two episodes in one month! We’re the best!

In this episode, we cover a whole lot of ground, from Sam’s ongoing love affair with Busy Philipps that Busy Philipps doesn’t know about to civil unrest in the Ukraine. It’s all funny. Hopefully. We also spent most of the episode playing Kevin’s corporate slogan guessing game. If you enjoyed this episode, remember to write to your congress person demanding that they force the Oscars to bring back the category “Best Interracial Sex Scene.”

This website you’re on right now (unless you’re on iTunes) is, where you can find all the other stuff I do and my performance dates and stuff. If you have an Android phone, you can click here and keep me on your phone so you can read my Twitter feed instead of masturbating (app made by Kevin)

If you want to follow Kevin on Google+ or check out some of the programming stuff he does, go to

For dumb music made by dumb people, go to

Find your local congressman at

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